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Solutions to your every manufacturing needs
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3 Axis CNC machinery

We provide customized 3 Axis CNC machines for you every need ranging from Air and Water Cooled Routers, Lasers and Plasma cutting machines.

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CAD/CAM Solutions

Our Experienced team are working to provide you with every kind of CAD/CAM solutions for your manufacturing and design needs. Your CNC programs are our concern now, Ranging from wood carving designs to cast material cutting designs.

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Installation & Maintenance

Our qualified team of engineers helps all the way for the proper maintenance of your existing CNC machines and also provides facility for the installation of any kind of CNC you have purchased.

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Our R&D department works out to give you a chance to upgrade your existing machinery with more advanced features and provides efficient and precise platform for your manufacturing needs.

Let us help you invest in sustainable infrastructure.

Pakistan based Automation company
Innovative products and services for Automation Industry

SAR ZONE deals with the Automation & Robotics mainly focusing on Automation and Manufacturing Industry. We have highly experienced group of engineers from every field for designing the best Automation solution for your problems. Automation is used world wide for the betterment & as ease provider for humans. Our products including highly precised 3-Axis CNC machinery, their related services for CAD/CAM and various customized robotics for manufacturing industrial sector. We listen to your problem and find out the best design which is cheap & efficient for the work. As our mission is to use automation in best way rather then to use automation to be a millionaire as other do.